Mechanical transports

Screw conveyors

We design and supply screw conveyors for handling and extracting powdery or granular solid products.

Screw conveyors are made of AISI 304/316 stainless steel, painted or galvanized carbon steel. Screw conveyors can have different thicknesses depending on the type of product to be handled and its abrasiveness.

Screw conveyors are available in the tubular version, in the U-shaped case, in the trolley version or with a notched spiral (for products that are easy to pack). They can be fully inspected for cleaning and can also be used on inclinations that allow the product to be handled in small spaces.

Chain conveyors
Redler type

Redler chain conveyors are designed for long distance handling of powdery or granular solid products.

Redler chain conveyors are made of painted or galvanized carbon steel, they guarantee high hourly capacities (up to 230 tons per hour and - on request - even higher capacities) and adjustable transport speeds.

The internal and external structure ensures the integrity of the product and the absence of pollution.
Possible solutions include:

  • intermediate drains with manual or electropneumatic control;
  • possible loading hoppers;
  • double bottom crate to transport the product in both directions;
  • positioning of the Redler in the bottom of the receiving pits.

Bucket elevators

Bucket elevators are designed to transport powdery or granular solid products, including those that are more fragile and prone to breakage.

The bucket elevators are made of Aisi 304/316 stainless steel, painted or galvanized carbon steel and they have high hourly capacities (up to 200 tons per hour and - on request - even higher).

The bucket elevators are equipped with inspection portholes on the head, on the foot and along the barrels of the elevator, and different types of buckets are possible, both in terms of size and material (plastic, resin, stainless steel, Fe steel).

Other features include:

  • reinforced structure for products with high abrasion coefficient;
  • several loading points with the possibility of hoppers with relative safety grids;
  • possibility of forced loading by means of auger;
  • possibility of multiple unloading, with special distribution systems;
  • supports, guide and belt realized with anti-oil/anti-lubricant materials.

Conveyor belts

We design and supply industrial conveyor belts for internal and external handling of products in the food, feed, petfood, cement industry and others.

Conveyor belts’ structure and cover are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, painted or galvanized carbon steel. The belt mats can be smooth, spondaflex, slatted, mesh, striped, honeycomb, with different thicknesses and the possibility of centering guides (they are also available in different materials: PVC, PU, fabric, PET, harmonic steel, etc.).

They can be equipped with screw loading system, vibrating system, etc. (with special receiving hopper) and belt cleaning system by means of brushes or air insufflations.

The conveyor belts designed by us are resistant to:

  • abrasive products;
  • water;
  • high temperatures;
  • the wear and tear deriving from the transported product and from the continuous use.