Suction and filtration plants

We aim to guarantee
a healthy and safe
working environment

We support companies in their projects dedicated to minimize the environmental impact of their activities.

We study the best solutions concerning industrial suction and fume abatement plants and air filtration plants, for the most different productive sectors, in this way we assure the elimination of potentially harmful substances and processing waste.

Each industrial installation thus contributes to the health and safety of those who work, contributes to the protection of natural resources and promotes the creation of an industry that looks to the future with confidence.

In addition to suction and filtration systems, we also supply individual components to replace or implement on existing equipment:

  • sanding benches;
  • welding fume or active carbon filters;
  • decantation cyclones;
  • self-cleaning static filters;
  • centrifugal fans;
  • filtering sleeves and cartridges;
  • joints, racks, pipes, terminals, dampers and many other accessories concerning suction and filtration.

Our solutions
for suction and filtration