4F Transfer Cart

From storage
to product control

The 4F Transfer Cart is designed to perform 4 important functions, ranging from safe product storage to product control.

  1. Safe silos loading, by means of a device connected to the pressure control at silos level, which guarantees safe product storage, blocking the loading in case of overpressure;
  2. First screening of the stored product, with interchangeable mechanical grid to control the product granulometry;
  3. Interception of possible ferrous bodies (by means of magnet), that otherwise would end up inside the silos;
  4. Possibility of withdrawal of the stored product, through a withdrawal point, for the control of what is stored in the silos.

The components of the Transfer Cart are made of AISI 304/316 stainless steel, galvanized steel and painted carbon steel. The Transfer Cart also includes a control panel and flexible hoses, for the connection between the truck tank and the silos.