Silos for raw materials storage

Steel, aluminum or fiberglass silos

We deal with the design and production of silos in AISI 304/316 stainless steel, aluminium or painted carbon steel, for the storage of powdery or granular material.

According to the customer's needs, as far as cubature, dimensioning and type of material to be stored are concerned, we realize monolithic silos (with welded structure), silos with bolted panels or corrugated silos.

We also offer square silos, for the storage of granular material (such as pellets, pasta, legumes, dried fruit, pelleted or extruded feed, raw or roasted coffee, etc.).

We also provide accessories such as:

  • self-cleaning filters;
  • loading pipes;
  • safety valves and pressure control systems;
  • level indicators;
  • weighing systems;
  • air fluidification;
  • extraction system (screw, rotary, vibrating, etc.);
  • insulation;
  • dehumidification systems of the air used for the loading and transport of the product.

Trevira fabric silos

The fabric silos are designed for the storage of powdery or granular material inside the production site, they consist of a strong structure in galvanized or painted steel and the containment bag produced in Trevira type fabric.

The silos in Trevira fabric, customizable according to the needs of the customer, can have a series of accessories such as:

  • loading pipes;
  • level indicators;
  • valves for pressure control in the loading phase;
  • weighing system;
  • filtering sky with connections for exhaust pipes;
  • inspection window;
  • different types of extraction.