Vertical Mixers

Vertical mixing
of granular products

For a perfect mixing of granular products, we design and supply vertical mixers able to satisfy the specific needs of the customer.

Vertical mixers are made of AISI 304/316 stainless steel, aluminum or painted carbon steel, and are available in models from 0.5 m3 up to 100 m3, depending on mixing requirements (larger sizes are available on request).

Vertical mixers are equipped with standard elements and accessories, upon request:

  • loading hopper with relative safety grid (possibility of a larger hopper for receiving products from big bag);
  • removable central auger;
  • product recycling mouth;
  • inspection doors;
  • weighing system with possible dosing systems;
  • loading pipes;
  • level indicators;
  • side discharge pipes;
  • control panel.