B-Mix and rotary drum mixer

Mixer for
powdered products,
maximum hygiene

The B-Mix and rotary drum mixer are designed to ensure the perfect mixing of powdered products in human food (and beyond).

The B-mix mixer is made of AISI 304/316 stainless steel and is available in models of 350 lt and 600 lt (for the B-Mix) and up to 2000 lt for the rotating drum mixer (special sizes on request).

It allows to carry out mixtures with the maximum hygiene and in a short time, and is recommended for the most delicate products, such as seeds, grains, etc., minimizing the breakage.

This type of mixer is also composed of:

  • quick closing system of the mixing chamber;
  • mixing blades;
  • electric board mounted on the machine, for the management of the operation (start, stop, emergency, etc.);
  • other accessories that can be requested.