Horizontal Mixers

Mixing of
powdered, granular
and pasty products

We design and supply horizontal mixers able to meet the most specific needs of the customer, both in terms of size and weight and type of products (powder, granular and pasty).

Horizontal mixers are made of AISI 304/316 stainless steel or painted carbon steel, they can be equipped with single or double reel (different types: paddle, concentric spiral, etc.), to ensure maximum effectiveness even in the most demanding mixes and with products of different specific weights.

Through appropriate spraying systems inside the mixer it is possible to dose liquid components such as water, liquid fats, oils, etc.

Our horizontal mixers are available in different sizes (Mod. 300 lt; 500 lt; 1000 lt; 2000 lt; 4000 lt; 6000 lt; 8000 lt) and can have different accessories and features:

  • weighing systems;
  • heat treatment;
  • possibility of manual loading of ingredients;
  • pre-loading hopper;
  • ready-to-unload hopper;
  • total unloading by bucket or by means of electropneumatically controlled shutters;
  • ingredients loading and mixing management system (dosing programs, control panel, etc.).