Dosing and micro-dosing plants

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The secret to creating an efficient plant lies in the combination and in the correct dosage of the work of several elements, which must operate in perfect synergy with each other.

The compatibility of the various components, their ability to work without interruptions and in different environmental conditions guarantee a virtuous production flow, with considerable benefits from an energetic and economic point of view. In addition, the open architecture with which the plants are designed facilitates upgrades, both in terms of strengthening and expansion.

We design and manufacture dosing and micro-dosing systems that meet the highest quality standards and ensure functionality and efficiency. These systems, of our own design, are studied to optimize the management of the work, guaranteeing the maximum precision and the highest performance.

Dosing and micro-dosing plants are made of AISI 304/316 stainless steel or painted carbon steel, they allow the automatic management of all solid or liquid components (macro and micro components). Among the main advantages there are:

  • suitable solution to manage and execute the required formulations with high precision;
  • management of a large number of recipes, storable and traceable even remotely;
  • perfect integration between the management of macro and micro components;
  • possibility to manage the ingredients also manually, with appropriate weighing systems.

Our solutions
for dosage and microdosing