Consulting, design and supply
of industrial technologies

Every company has to be able to rely on a made-to measure production system which has been studied in detail to satisfy its specific requirements.

It is thanks to this commitment that for 40 years Cresco has been the reliable partner of industrial companies seeking to continuously improve their market competitiveness.
We deal with both the supply from scratch and the optimization of existing systems, o offer customized and specialized solutions according to the reference sector of the activity and the different formats of raw materials (powders, granules, liquids). 

We can design and supply a new turnkey production plant or we can follow only specific utilities as far as:

  • storage;
  • dosing and micro-dosing;
  • mixing;
  • sampling and analysis;
  • transport;
  • suction and filtration.

and after-sales services

The experience and skills we have gained allow us to be the ideal choice for companies that have to solve complex problems and need quick and effective solutions.

We offer constant support to the customer, not only in terms of supply but also in terms of design, professional consulting and after-sales services, such as supply of materials and components, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, assembly and disassembly. 

We believe in the value of trust to build solid and lasting relationships and to be a point of reference always present in time. 

Why choose us


We have a lean corporate structure, to provide you with highly specialized solutions.


We guarantee reduced timeframes and immediate operativeness, to solve complex problems.


We can offer over 40 years in the field of design and supply of production plants in the most diverse sectors.


We exploit the most advanced technologies of the sector, for the continuous improvement of the companies.